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How to learn Russian online

Learning Russian language (as any other) requires conscious effort and motivation. Our goal is to help you keep your motivation high providing you interesting lessons and free online content for learning and practicing.

Here are 4 simple steps that will help you to

1. Start with the Russian alphabet

Learning Russian alphabet might take you some time as it uses Cyrillic letters many of which are unfamiliar to English speakers. To make it easier for you, we broke down this part in 5 different lessons. Alternatively, you can visit another site of ours that is dedicated specifically to the Russian alphabet and will provide you with a lot of explanations and examples with audio to practice.

2. Study Russian grammar

After you mastered the Cyrillic alphabet, move on to the Russian grammar. On our site, you will find the majority of the important Russian grammar points. We add new lessons from time ti time, so follow us on social networks in order not to miss any.

3. Grow your Russian vocabulary

When you learn a new language, it is recommended to learn a few words every day to quickly grow your vocabulary. Our vocabulary lessons will provide you with the basic words and phrases, but you should not stop there. Subscribe to our Russian Word of the Day to be able to grow your vocabulary daily. The newsletter also includes additional exercises.

In Russia, we say "repetition is the mother of learning". This is why we also prepared Russian flashcards for you.

Let blog about Russian words to become your constant companion on your way to Russian fluency.

4. Practice, practice, practice

To master the Russian language, you need to constantly engage in 4 activities: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Find Russian books for beginners and read in Russian as often as you can. Find a Russian pen pal for language exchange. Listen to Russian speech, for example, a Russian podcast.

Use any opportunity to practice Russian, and soon you will see that Russian is not as hard to learn as they say. :)

Happy learning! :)

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