Lesson 010

Congratulations in Russian

After this vocabulary lesson you’ll be able to congratulate (поздра́вить) your friends in Russian or to tell them ‘Bon appetit!’. Listen to the audio and repeat after it:

(lit. – I congratulate you)

Поздравля́ю с днём рожде́ния!
Happy birthday!
(lit. – I congratulate you with the day of birth)

С днём рожде́ния!
Happy birthday!
(lit. – With the day of birth)

С но́вым го́дом!
Happy New Year!
(lit. – With new year)

Счастли́вого Рождества́!
Merry Christmas!

Наилу́чшие пожела́ния!
Best wishes!

Russian Pod 101

Прия́тного аппети́та!
Bon appetit!

Ва́ше здоро́вье!
Cheers! (lit. – Your health)

Good luck!

If somebody sneezes you can say:

Будь здоро́в!
Bless you! (informal, talking to a man)

Будь здоро́ва!
Bless you! (informal, talking to a woman)

Будьте здоро́вы!
Bless you! (formal)

This phrase literally means “be healthy!”.


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