075 – Russian conjuctions А and И

Conjuctions are the words used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause. Today we’ll learn two Russian conjuctions: A and И.

Conjuctions а and и are both translated as and.

However, while И is a joining conjugation, А is a separating conjugation. Russians use the conjunction A for contraposition.

For example:

Я живу́ в Петербу́рге, а она́ живёт в Москве́.
I live in Petersburg and (but) she lives in Moscow.

Я люблю́ ле́то, а он лю́бит зи́му.
I love summer and (but) he loves winter.

Used in a negative sentence, А must be translated as BUT.

Он не италья́нец, а францу́з.
He is not Italian but French.

Это не мой зака́з, а чей-то чужо́й.
This is not my order, but someone’s else.

И is always translated as AND and used to join words or phrases together.

Я и мой друг рабо́таем в одно́й компа́нии.
Me and my friend are working in the same company.

Я хорошо́ говорю́ и понима́ю по-ру́сски.
I speak and understand Russian well.

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