017 – ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’ in Russian – Basic Russian greetings

This is another vocabulary lessons and today we’ll learn some more useful Russian phrases. From one of our previous lessons you have already learned two Russian greetings – Приве́т and Здра́вствуйте. Today we’ll show you a few more ways to say hello in Russian in formal and informal situations.

In most languages, the standard “hello” formula usually includes not only “hello” itself, but also “how are you?”. To return the “hello” you usually say “I’m fine, thank you, how are you?”.

In Russian, unlike English, these phrases sound different depending on who you talk to. Listen to the audio and repeat after it:

Informal Russian greetings:

Hi. / Hello.

Как дела́?
How are you? How are you doing?
[kak dee-lá]

Отли́чно, как у тебя́?
Excellent, how are you?
[at-léech-na, kak u tee-byá]

Formal Russian greetings:

Good morning (afternoon, evening).

Как ва́ши дела́?
How are you?
[kak vá-shee dee-lá]

Спаси́бо, хорошо́. Как у вас?
Fine, thanks you. How about you?
[spa-sée-ba, ha-ra-shó. kak u vas]

Now you are familiar with the most basic Russian greetings. If you would like to learn more of them, visit this Russian lesson.

Learn to say thank you in Russian, as well as other core Russian words with Russian Word of the Day.

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