Lesson 006

Calling for help in Russian


In this lessons we take a break from the Russian grammar and learn some very useful Russian phrases.

Earlier we learned how to say hello and goodbye in Russian, as well as other Russian greetings and farewells. This lesson will teach you how to call for help in Russian.

Listen to the audio and repeat after it.


Помоги́те мне!Help me!
[pa-ma-gée-tee mnye]

Мне нужна́ по́мощь.I need help.
[mnye nuzh-ná pó-masch]

Мне пло́хо.I’m not feeling well.
[mnye pló-ha]

Мне ну́жен врач.I need a doctor.
[mnye nú-zhen vrach]

Вы́зовите ско́рую.Call an ambulance.
[vý-za-vee-tye skó-ru-yu]

Russian Pod 101


Здесь ава́рия.There was a traffic accident here.
[sdes’ a-vá-ree-ya]

Меня́ обокра́ли.I’ve been robbed.
[mee-nyá a-ba-krá-lee]

Вы́зовите поли́цию!Call the police!
[vý-za-vee-tee pa-lée-tsee-yu]

Осторо́жно!Watch out! Look out! Caution!

Now you are equipped with the basic Russian vocabulary for emergency situations.

See you in the next lesson where we will continue to learn Russian and start a big topic of Russian grammatical cases.

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