Lesson 011

Russian possessive pronouns


In this lesson, we will learn Russian possessive pronouns.

A possessive pronoun is a pronoun that shows ownership.

In Russian, possessive pronouns depend on the gender and number of the subject you are talking about. They are:

My and mine:

мой [moî]masculine
моя́ [ma-yá]feminine
моё [ma-yó]neuter
мои́ [ma-ée]plural

Your and yours (singular and informal):

твой [tvoî]masculine
твоя́ [tva-yá]feminine
твоё [tva-yó]neuter
твои́ [tva-ée]plural

Russian Pod 101


егó [ye-vó]for all


её [ye-yó]for all


егó [ye-vó]for all

Our and ours:

наш [nash]masculine
нáша [ná-sha]feminine
нáше [ná-she]neuter
нáши [ná-shee]plural

Your and yours (plural or formal):

ваш [vash]masculine
вáша [vá-sha]feminine
вáше [vá-she]neuter
вáши [vá-shee]plural

Their and theirs:

их [eeh]for all


Let’s practice with some examples:

мой домmy house (house is masculine)
[moî dom]

твоя́ соба́каyour dog (dog is feminine)
[tva-yá sa-bá-ka]

его́ па́спортhis passport (passport is masculine)
[ye-vó pás-part]

на́ша шко́лаour school (school is feminine)
[ná-sha shkó-la]

Simple sentences

Now you can even compose some simple sentences in Russian:

Э́то моя́ ма́ма.
[é-ta ma-yá má-ma]
This is my mom.

Э́та кни́га моя́.
[é-ta kneé-ga ma-yá]
This book is mine.

Э́то наш дом.
[é-ta nash dom]
This is our house.

Э́тот телефо́н твой.
[é-tat tee-lee-fón tvoî]
This telephone is yours.

Э́то на́ши докуме́нты.
[é-ta ná-shee da-ku-myén-ty]
These are our documents.

Э́ти докуме́нты на́ши.
[é-tee da-ku-myén-ty ná-shee]
These documents are ours.

Те докуме́нты ва́ши.
[tye da-ku-myén-ty vá-shee]
Those documents are yours.

Та су́мка твоя́.
[ta súm-ka tva-yá]
That bag is yours.

Practice Russian possessive pronouns and examples of this lessons with the audio recording.

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    Perhaps you should warn us when there is an inconsistency, because it makes me/us confused.
    Thank you very much !

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hi Peps,

      Thank you for your comment.

      In the words that consist from only one syllable. i.e. have only 1 vowel, the stress mark falls on that vowel by default. Therefore in such words like “мой” the vowel is considered to be stressed and pronounced as O.

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