Lesson 058

Possessive pronouns in the Prepositional case

In today’s lesson we are going to learn and practice the possessive pronouns in the Prepositional case.

To avoid repetitions, we only included in the audio the pronouns in the Prepositional case.

Changing pronouns

Nominative Prepositional Translation
My / mine
мой моём masculine objects
моя́ мое́й feminine objects
моё моём neuter objects
мои́ мои́х plural objects
Your (informal)
твой твоём masculine objects
твоя́ твое́й feminine objects
твоё твоём neuter objects
твои́ твои́х plural objects
наш на́шем masculine objects
на́ша на́шей feminine objects
на́ше на́шем neuter objects
на́ши на́ших plural objects
Your (formal or plural)
ваш ва́шем masculine objects
ва́ша ва́шей feminine objects
ва́ше ва́шем neuter objects
ва́ши ва́ших plural objects

Not changing pronouns

pronoun Translation
его́ his
её her / hers
его́ its
их their / theirs
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Nouns and pronouns in the Prepositional are highlighted with their prepositions.

Он живёт в моём до́ме.
He lives in my house.

Он не зна́ет о твои́х чу́вствах к нему́.
He does not know about your feelings for him.

На его́ пе́снях вы́росло це́лое поколе́ние.
A whole generation grew up on his songs.

О на́ших достиже́ниях написа́ли в газе́те.
The newspaper wrote about our achievements.

На ва́шем ме́сте я бы испуга́лся.
In your place I would be scared.

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.


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