Lesson 158

Russian handwriting


At this point you most likely already know the Russian alphabet by heart. But can you say the same about the Russian handwriting? Do you recognize the Russian letters written by hand? If not, this lesson is for you!

Handwritten Russian alphabet

In the table below you’ll see the Russian letters along with their handwritten version. If you are new to our course and don’t know the Russian alphabet yet, we recommend you to start with the lesson #001.

Of course, this is just one way the handwritten Russian letters can look like. As you can guess, everybody has his own way of handwriting. Some people, for example, tend to mix printed version of the letters with the handwritten one.

Try to memorize the handwritten letters below, after this table you’ll be doing some interesting exercises.

А а
Б б
В в
Г г
Д д
Е е
Ё ё
Ж ж
З з
И и
Й й
К к
Л л
М м
Н н
О о
П п
Р р
С с
Т т
У у
Ф ф
Х х
Ц ц
Ч ч
Ш ш
Щ щ
Э э
Ю ю
Я я
Russian Pod 101

Practice to read Russian writing

Below are a few examples of text in Russian written by hand. Your task is to read what’s written and to understand it. You can click on the image to see a bigger size version. The answers are available under the “Check answers” button.

Example 1 (easy one)

The text below is generated by a computer so it should be easy to read:

Check the answers

Уважа́емые жильцы́ до́ма! Не оставля́йте, пожа́луйста, две́ри подъе́зда откры́тыми. Дава́йте бере́чь тепло́!

Dear tenants of the building! Please do not leave the door of the staircase open. Let’s do not waste the warmth!

Example 2 (more difficult)

Now you have a more difficult task, the next note is written by a real person:

Check the answers

Мы уе́хали выбира́ть пода́рок твое́й сестре́. Суп в холоди́льнике, карто́шка с ры́бой на плите́. Разогре́й и поку́шай. Мы вернёмся часа́м к шести́. Ма́ма

We went to choose a present for your sister. The soup is in the fridge, potato and fish are on the stove. Warm them up and eat. We’ll be back around six o’clock. Mama

Example 3 (difficult as well)

Here is another handwritten note made by a real person:

Check the answers

Уважа́емая Еле́на Анато́льевна,
Про́сьба отпусти́ть моего́ сы́на домо́й по́сле второ́го уро́ка по семе́йным обстоя́тельствам.
С уваже́нием, ма́ма Ко́ли Петро́ва

Dear Elena Anatolyevna,
Please let my son go home after the second lesson for family reasons.
Sincerely, Mother of Kolya Petrov

Practice writing in Russian

If you want to practice Russian writing, download the PDF for practicing here. The PDF includes the letters of hand-written Russian alphabet and a few words in Russian.

The audio file below includes all the examples of today’s lesson. If you want to listen to the Russian alphabet, please go to the lesson #005.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to decipher the Russian handwriting!

Spotted an error? Let us know please!

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