120 – Personal pronouns in the Prepositional


Last for lessons we have didicated to the Russian nouns in the Prepositional case. Today let’s take a look at Russian personal pronouns in the Prepositional case and practice their use.

Russian personal pronouns in the Prepositional

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The first pronoun in a pair is in the Nominative case, the second one is in the Prepositional case:

я – мне (I)
ты – тебе́ (you singular and infromal)
он – нём (he)
она – ней (she)
оно – нём (it)
мы – нас (we)
вы – вас (you plural and formal)
они – них (they)

Examples (примеры)

Как на мне смо́трится э́то пальто́?
How does this coat look on me?

Я всё вре́мя ду́маю о тебе́.
I’m thinking about you all the time.

Нам ну́жен авто́бус №11, мы дое́дем на нём до метро́.
We need the bus #11, we’ll get to the metro on it.

Не люблю́ геометрию́, никогда́ в ней не разбира́лась.
I do not like geometry, I never understood it.

Вы в нас не разочару́етесь.
You will not be disappointed in us.

О вас здесь хорошо́ отзыва́ются.
Here (they) speak well about you.

Не люблю́ ту́фли на каблука́х, в них неудо́бно.
I do not like (shoes on) heels, it’s uncomfortable in them.

Listen to the audio track and practice the pronunciation of all today’s examples.


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