Lesson 035

Personal pronouns in the Genitive


Last three lessons we dedicated to forming the Genitive case with masculine, feminine and neuter singular Russian nouns.

But as you might have already noticed, not only nouns change their form in different cases but the pronouns as well. Today we’ll learn the Russian personal pronouns in the Genitive and practice their use.

English pronoun Russian pronoun Genitive form
I я меня́
you (singular) ты тебя́
he он его́ / него́
she она́ её / неё
it оно́ его́ / него́
we мы нас
you (plural) вы вас
they они́ их / них

Notice the for the pronouns он, она, оно and они there are two forms, one of them is with Н as the first letter. This form with Н should be used only after the prepositions. In all other cases, use the form without Н.

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Now, let’s practice with some examples (the pronouns in the Genitive are highlighted):

Э́ти цветы́ для меня́.
These flowers are for me.

Для тебя́ тут письмо́.
There is a letter for you here.

Его здесь нет.
He is not here.

Её здесь нет.
She is not here.

Все согласи́лись, кро́ме него́.
Everyone agreed except him.

Для нас э́то ва́жно.
It is important for us.

Мы пригото́вили для них сюрпри́з.
We have prepared a surprise for them.

Practice the pronouns and all today’s words and phrases with the audio track. In the next lesson we will continue to learn Russian: we will learn how to say “I have” in Russian.

Spotted an error? Let us know please!

5 comments on “035 – Personal pronouns in the Genitive”

  1. aliza zee says:

    nice place to learn alot in less time.

  2. wayne says:

    and happy victory day!

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Thank you. )

  3. wayne says:

    I love this site! Have been trying for years to learn Russian. I have read books,listened to CDs while driving, listened to my Ukrainian wife for almost 6 years and watched so much Russian tv you would not believe!
    but, for some reason, it seems easy with this site!

    please don’t stop posting lessons! Its finally sinking in to my tiny brain!

    spasebo bolshoi!

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello wayne,

      Thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad to be useful.

      We’d like just to let you know that this course is designed for quite a long time (for example, we’ll be studying the Prepositional case only in November). We want to provide our readers with basics so that they could use this knowledge in their everyday practice.

      Good luck!

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