Lesson 046

Possessive pronouns in the Genitive


After a short break of two lessons, we are getting back to the Genitive case. This time, let’s look at the Russian possessive pronouns in the Genitive.

Not all Russian possessive pronouns change their form in the Genitive case. The pronouns in the 3d person (he, she, it, them) do not change.

Below is the list of possessive pronouns. The first pronoun in a pair is in the Nominative case, the second one is in the Genitive case.

Changing possessive pronouns

мой – моего́
моя – мое́й
моё – моего́
мои – мои́х

твой – твоего́
твоя – твое́й
твоё – твоего́
твои – твои́х

Russian Pod 101

наш – на́шего
наша – на́шей
наше – на́шего
наши – на́ших

ваш – ва́шего
ваша – ва́шей
ваше – ва́шего
ваши – ва́ших

Not changing possessive pronouns

его (masculine)
его (neuter)

Examples (примеры)

Practice the pronouns with the examples below. The nouns and pronouns in the Genitive are highlighted.

Э́то пода́рок для мои́х роди́телей.
This is a gift for my parents.

У нас нет ва́ших де́нег.
We don’t have your money.

Како́й но́мер у её автомоби́ля?
What is the number of her car?

Practice all today’s words and phrases with the audio track. Join us in the next lesson where we will continue to learn Russian and cover Russian demonstrative pronouns in the Genitive.

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