012 – Russian demonstrative pronouns

Continuing with the Russian grammar, today we move to the demonstrative pronouns. They are:

э́тот [étot]masculine
э́та [éta]feminine
э́то [éto]neuter
э́ти [étee]plural

тот [tot]masculine
та [ta]feminine
то [to]neuter
те [tye]plural


э́та кни́га [éta knéega]this book (feminine)
те дома́ [tye damá]those houses (plural)

If you want to say something like ‘This is a book / It is a book’ use the neuter pronoun:

This (It) is a book. – Э́то – кни́га. [éta knéega]

Listen to the audio and repeat all these words and phrases.

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2 comments on “012 – Russian demonstrative pronouns”

  1. syed salimuddin says:

    its indeed great source of learning russian language

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      We are glad to hear that. Thank you.

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