012 – Russian demonstrative pronouns

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Continuing with the Russian grammar, today we move to the demonstrative pronouns.

The demonstrative pronouns are the ones that represent things or beings that at the moment you are talking about them are right here or far away. For example “this car” or “those books” (“this” and “those” are demonstrative pronouns).

In Russian, the demonstrative pronouns depend on the gender and number of the subject. Here they are:

э́тот [é-tat]masculine
э́та [é-ta]feminine
э́то [é-to]neuter
э́ти [é-tee]plural

тот [tot]masculine
та [ta]feminine
то [to]neuter
те [tye]plural

Let’s look at some examples:

э́та кни́га – this book (book is feminine)
[é-ta knée-ga]

те дома́ – those houses (houses are plural)
[tye da-má]

If you want to say something like ‘This is a book / It is a book’, use the neuter pronoun to introduce the subject:

This (It) is a book. – Э́то – кни́га.
[é-ta knée-ga]

Notice that in the last example, the Russian equivalent of the verb “to be” is omitted and replaced with a hyphen.

Listen to the audio and repeat all the words and phrases of today’s lesson.

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