Lesson 039

Personal pronouns in the Dative

In today’s lesson we are learning the Russian personal pronouns in the Dative case.

Here is the list of Russian personal pronouns in the Dative case:

Nominative Dative
я мне
ты тебе́
он ему́ / нему́
она́ ей / ней
оно́ ему́ / нему́
мы нам
вы вам
они́ им / ним

Remember: the version starting with Н goes after prepositions.


The pronouns in the Dative case are highlighted.

Дай мне э́то.
Give it to me.

Я не могу́ тебе́ помо́чь.
I can’t help you.

Они́ не даю́т ему́ еды́.
They don’t give him food.

Мы скуча́ем по вам.
We miss you. (plural or formal)

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.

The offline version of this lesson is available here

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