021 – How to say ‘goodbye’ in Russian


In one of our previous lesson we have already learned how to say hello in Russian. Today let’s learn the goodbyes. Here are the most common ways to say ‘goodbye’ in Russian in formal and informal situations.

Listen and repeat after the audio:

Russian informal farewells

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Good bye and good luck.

Good luck!

See you!

До ско́рого!
See you soon!
[da skó-ra-va]

Russian formal farewells

До свида́ния!
Good bye!
[da svee-dá-nee-ya]

Всего́ хоро́шего!
All the best!
[vsee-vó ha-ró-shee-va]

These ones you can use both in formal and informal situations:

До встре́чи!
Untill next time!
[da vstryé-chee]

До за́втра!
See you tomorrow!
[da závt-ra]

Мне пора́.
I have to go.
[mnye pa-rá]


4 comments on “021 – How to say ‘goodbye’ in Russian”

  1. Alan says:

    Something make me confused. Why Счастли́во pronounce as schees-lee-va not scha-lee-va? Why Сча pronounce as Schee?

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Alan,

      When A is unstressed, sometimes it can be pronounced as И. At the same time, there is nothing wrong saying schas-lee-va. The native speakers usually pronounce it something in between А and И.

  2. ersepulveda says:


  3. Tony says:

    russian language is the best

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