Lesson 112

How many? How much? in Russian


Since we have already learned Russian numbers, it’s a good time to learn how to ask ‘How many?’ or ‘How much?’ in Russian and practice use of this type of questions.

‘How much? / How many?’ in Russian both are translated as Сколько?.

Any subject that goes after this question must be used in the Genitive case (highlighted).

For countable nouns the plural form is used, for uncountable nouns the singular form is used.

Let’s look at some examples:

Ско́лько у тебя́ де́нег?
How much money do you have? (де́ньги have only the plural form)

Ско́лько здесь сту́льев?
How many chairs are here? (countable, plural)

Ско́лько са́хара ты обы́чно кладёшь в чай?
How much sugar do you usually put in your tea? (uncountable, singular)

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Ско́лько молока́ на́до купи́ть?
How much milk do I have to buy? (uncountable, singular)

Ско́лько котле́т ты мо́жешь съесть за оди́н раз?
How many cutlets can you eat at one time? (countable, plural)

Ско́лько пи́ва ты мо́жешь вы́пить за оди́н раз?
How much beer can you drink at once? (uncountable, singular)

Learn some very useful questions with the word Сколько?.

Ско́лько э́то сто́ит?
How much does it cost?

Ско́лько тебе́ лет?
How old are you? (informal)

Ско́лько вам лет?
How old are you? (formal or plural)

Ско́лько ему́/ей лет?
How old is he/she?

Ско́лько вре́мени?
What time is it?

Practice all today’s examples with the audio track.

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  1. Irina says:

    I like your style of teaching. This is very good, thank you! Great podcasts!

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Irina,

      Many thanks for the comment. Good luck!

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