048 – Counting in Russian

In our previous lessons we’ve learned Russian numbers from 1 to 10 and from 11 to 20. Today’s lesson we dedicate to сounting in Russian.

To count things in Russian, all you need to do is to add a noun (counted object) in the Genitive case to the number.

Before we start looking how it works, let’s remember a few things:

– if the number ends on 1, the form of the noun-object doesn’t change,
– if the last digit is from 2 to 4, the singular form is used,
– if the last digit is 1 and 2, the use of the numbers depends on a gender of the subject,
– if the last digit is 0 (ноль) and from 5 to 9 we use the plural from of the nouns and numeral.

Now let’s look at some examples:

ви́лка – fork (f.)

одна́ ви́лка (singular)
две ви́лки (Genitive, singular)
три ви́лки (Genitive, singular)
четы́ре ви́лки (Genitive, singular)
пять ви́лок (Genitive, plural)
шесть ви́лок (Genitive, plural)

ноль ви́лок (Genitive, plural)

я́блоко – apple (n.)

одно́ я́блоко (singular)
два я́блока (Genitive, singular)
три я́блока (Genitive, singular)
четы́ре я́блока (Genitive, singular)
пять я́блок (Genitive, plural)

апельси́н – orange (m.)

оди́н апельси́н (singular)
два апельси́на (Genitive, singular)
три апельси́на (Genitive, singular)
четы́ре апельси́на (Genitive, singular)
пять апельси́нов (Genitive, plural)

Practice all today’s phrases with the audio track.


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