Lesson 063

When? in Russian

In this lesson we will learn how to say when in Russian and practice it with some examples.

When in Russian is когда́:


As in English, when in Russian can be an interrogative word or a conjunction that connects parts of a compound sentence. Let’s look in detail at each of the cases:

When as an interrogative word

Below the examples sentences where when is used an interrogative word:

Когда́ э́то случи́лось?
When did it happen?

Когда́ ты прие́дешь?
When will you come?

Когда́ у тебя́ день рожде́ния?
When is your birthday?

When as a conjunction

Below are the examples of когда́ as a conjunction:

Когда́ мы пришли́, всё уже́ ко́нчилось.
When we arrived, it was all over.

Я позвоню́, когда́ освобожу́сь.
I’ll call when I’m free.

Pay attention that two parts of compound sentences in Russian are always separated by comma.

Practice the examples of this lesson with the audio file.

The offline version of this lesson is available here

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