025 – Forming negation in Russian


In today’s lessons let’s learn how to form the negative sentences in the Russian language.

In Russian, to convert a statement into a negation all you need to do is to place не (no) before the word you want to deny. Let’s practice:

Я хочу́ есть, я не хочу́ пить.
[ya ha-chú yest’, ya nye ha-chú peet’]
I want to eat, I don’t want to drink.

Он хо́чет игра́ть, он не хо́чет занима́ться.
[on hó-cheet eeg-rát’, on nye hó-cheet za-nee-mát’-sya]
He wants to play, he doesn’t want to study.

Я люблю́ шокола́д, я не люблю́ моро́женое.
[ya lyub-lyú sha-ka-lát, ya nye lyub-lyú ma-ró-zhee-na-ye]
I like chocolade, I don’t like ice-cream.

Она уме́ет петь, она не уме́ет танцева́ть.
[a-ná u-myé-eet pyet’, oná nye u-myé-eet tan-tsee-vát’]
She can sing, she can’t dance.

Э́то не мой зака́з.
[é-ta nye moî za-kás]
This is not my order.

Э́ти ве́щи не мои́.
[é-tee vyé-schee nye ma-ée]
These things aren’t mine.

Я не понима́ю, что вы говори́те.
[ya nye pa-nee-má-yu chto vy ga-va-rée-tee]
I don’t understand what you are saying.

Listen to the audio and practice all the examples of today’s lesson with it.

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6 comments on “025 – Forming negation in Russian”

  1. Aizy says:

    These is Э́ти???
    Wasn’t Э́тy?? I am confused now…

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Aizy,

      “These” is “эти”.

      “Эту” is “эта” (“this”, feminine) in the Accusative case.

  2. VIO says:

    you miss spelled chocolate

  3. john says:

    Thank you so much, I view many Russian tutorial. this is the real best for beginner to advance . Very awesome work !! 

  4. John says:

    Он хо́чет игра́ть, don’t we need to change the form of “play”..Only “want”

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hi John,

      Like in English, when you say “one wants to do something”, you only need to conjugate the first verb – wants, the following verb stays in the form of Infinitive.

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