089 – Demonstrative pronouns in the Accusative case

We have learned a lot about the Accusative case in Russian. To finish with it for now, today we will learn and practice the demonstrative pronouns in the Accusative case:

With animate subjects:

э́тот – э́того
э́та – э́ту
э́то – э́то
э́ти – э́тих

тот – того́
та – ту
то – то
те – тех

With inanimate subjects:

э́тот – э́тот
э́та – э́ту
э́то – э́то
э́ти – э́ти

тот – тот
та – ту
то – то
те – те

Now let’s look at some examples and practice (the nouns and pronouns in the Accusative are highlighted):

Я ви́дел э́тот фильм.
I’ve seen this movie. (masculine, inanimate)

Я зна́ю э́того мужчи́ну.
I know this man. (masculine, animate)

Ты чита́л э́ту кни́гу?
Have you read this book? (feminine, inanimate)

Ты зна́ешь э́ту же́нщину?
Do you know this woman? (feminine, animate)

Хо́чешь э́то моро́женое?
Do you want this ice-cream? (neuter, inanimate)

Ты зна́ешь э́то живо́тное?
Do you know this animal? (neuter, animate)

Я впервы́е ви́жу э́тих люде́й.
I see these people for the first time. (plural, animate)

Ты чи́тал э́ти журна́лы?
Have you read these magazines? (plural, inanimate)

Он вошёл в то зда́ние.
He entered that building. (neuter, inanimate)

Я споткну́лся о тот ка́мень.
I stumbled over that stone. (masculine, inanimate)

Listen to the audio and practice the pronunciation.


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