109 – Demonstrative pronouns in the Instrumental

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We’ve already covered Russian personal and posessive pronouns in the Instrumental case. Today let’s have a look at the demonstrative pronouns:

Russian demonstrative pronouns in the Instrumental

The first pronoun in a pair is in the Nominative case, the second one is in the Instrumental case.

э́тот – э́тим
э́та – э́той
э́то – э́тим
э́ти – э́тими

тот – тем
та – той
то – тем
те – те́ми


Here are some examples for you to practice (nouns and pronouns in the Instrumental are highlighted with their prepositions):

Э́тим прое́ктом руководи́т мой брат.
My brother leads this project.

Мы пое́дем с э́тими су́мками.
We’ll go with these bags.

Тем ве́чером нас не́ было до́ма.
We were not at home that evening.

Мы не согла́сны с э́тим.
We are not agree with it.

Listen to the audio track and practice all today’s examples.

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