Lesson 136

Months and seasons in Russian

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Some time ago we have learned Russian days of the week. Today, let’s learn the names of months in Russian.

Months in Russian

The names of months in Russian are written in small letters. Listen to the audio and repeat:


Russian Pod 101

When you want to say that something happens in a certain month, use the preposition в (in) and the name of the month in the Prepositional case. All the names of the months in Russian are masculine.

For example:

В сентябре́ у меня́ начина́ются уро́ки.
In September, my lessons begin.

В декабре́ я ухожу́ в о́тпуск.
In December, I’m going on vacation.

В ию́ле здесь всегда́ идёт дождь.
In July it always rains here.

Seasons in Russian

The names of seasons in Russian are:

зима́[zee-má]winter (f)
весна́[vees-ná]spring (f)
ле́то[lyé-ta]summer (n)
о́сень[ó-seen’]autumn / fall (f)

Russian Alphabet

The names of season in Russian change in cases as all other nouns. In the brackets above, there is the gender of each of them specified.

When you want to say that something happens in a certain season, you should use not the nouns listed above but the following adverbs:

зимо́й[zee-móî]in winter
весно́й[vees-nóî]in spring
ле́том[lyé-tam]in summer
о́сенью[ó-seen’-yu]in autumn / fall


Ле́том у шко́льников кани́кулы.
In summer, students have a vacation.

Зимо́й здесь сне́га нет.
Here there is no snow in winter.

Она́ приезжа́ет весно́й.
She arrives in spring.

О́сенью у меня́ день рожде́ния.
I have my birthday in fall.

This is it for this lesson. Practice the vocabulary and examples with the audio track and come back for new Russian lessons!

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