134 – Russian reflexive possessive pronoun “свой”

Today we’ll learn another Russian reflexive pronoun – свой. This is a possessive pronoun and used to refer back to the subject of the sentence.

First let’s take a look at its declension. The pronoun свой change both in numbers and cases:

case masculine feminine neuter plural
Nominative свой своя́ своё свои́
Genitive своего́ свое́й своего́ свои́х
Dative своему́ свое́й своему́ свои́м
Accusative своего́ свою своего́ свои́х
Instrumental свои́м свое́й свои́м свои́ми
Prepositional своём свое́й своём свои́х

Use of the reflexive possessive pronoun свой

The pronoun свой is used instead of possessive pronouns when referring back to the subject of the sentence. For example:

Он не по́мнит свой а́дрес.
He doesn’t remember his address.

The use of the pronoun свой depends on the gender and number of the object you are talking about:

Я слежу́ за свои́м здоро́вьем.
I (subject) am watching over my health (object).

Он следи́т за свои́м здоро́вьем.
He (subject) is watching over his health (object).

Мы следи́м за свои́м здоро́вьем.
We (subject) are watching over our health (object).

“Следи́ть за здоро́вьем” is an example of the Instrumental.

Pay attention:

Talking about 3d person use the general possessive pronoun if you refer the other person. Use the pronoun свой if your refer to the subject of the sentence:

Она взяла́ свою́ су́мку.
She took her (own) bag.

Она́ взяла́ её су́мку.
She took her (someone else’s) bag.

Talking about 1st or 2d person you can use either possessive or reflexive pronoun:

Дай мне твой но́мер телефо́на. / Дай мне свой но́мер телефо́на.
Give me your phone number.

Я сде́лала ремо́нт в свое́й ко́мнате. / Я сде́лала ремо́нт в мое́й ко́мнате.
I renovated my room.

Body parts

Russian Pod 101

Russians usually don’t use any pronouns when talking about body parts.

Я почи́стила зу́бы.
I brushed my teeth.

Ты вы́мыл ру́ки?
Have you washed your hands?

Play is an audio file to practice all examples of today’s lesson.


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