Lesson 017

Talking about the weather

Do you know already how to talk about the weather in Russian? In this lesson we’ll equip you with some basic Russian vocabulary to do that.

Questions (вопросы)

Кака́я сего́дня пого́да?
What is the weather like today?

Како́й на за́втра прогно́з пого́ды?
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Каку́ю пого́ду обеща́ют на за́втра?
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? (Lit. – What weather they promise for tomorrow?)

Как там на у́лице?
How is it on the street?

Как у вас пого́да?
What is the weather like in your place?

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Answers (ответы)

Идёт дождь.It’s raining.
Идёт снег.It’s snowing.

Бу́дет дождь.It’s going to rain.
Бу́дет снег.It’s going to snow.
Бу́дет тепло́.It’s going to be warm.
Бу́дет хо́лодно.It’s going to be cold.

Хо́лодно.It’s cold.
Прохла́дно.It’s cool.
Тепло́.It’s warm.
Жа́рко.It’s hot.
Ве́трено.It’s windy.
Со́лнечно.It is sunny.

На у́лице хоро́шая пого́да.
The weather is fine.

На за́втра обеща́ли дождь.
It will be raining tomorrow. (They promised the rain for tomorrow)

Завтра будет тепло́.
Tomorrow it’s going to ne warm.

Вчера́ шёл дождь.
It was raining yesterday.

Вчера́ бы́ло со́лнечно.
It was sunny yesterday.

Practice the phrases of today’s lesson with the audio and try to memorize them.

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