016 – ‘There is’ and ‘there are’ in Russian

If you were following our course from the beginning, at this moment you probably can’t wait to start composing your first Russian sentences. In today’s lesson we’ll start doing just exactly that – we will learn to say there is and there are in Russian.

To express the idea of something being somewhere Russians use a couple of ways:

1. When pointing to something, Russians use the word вот [vot] which means ‘here (is)’, ‘here (are)’.

For example:

Вот мой дом. – Here is my house.
[vot moî dom]

Вот твои́ ве́щи. – Here are your things.
[vot tva-eé vyé-schee]

2. When talking about existence of something somewhere Russians use the verb ‘to be’ in the Present tenseесть.

Здесь есть стол. – There is a table here.
[sdes’ yest’ stol]

Там есть деревья. – There are trees there.
[tam yest’ dee-ryév’-ya]

In the negative statement (there is not) есть is replaced by нет.

Здесь нет стола́. – There is no table here.
[sdes’ nyet sta-lá]

Там нет дере́вьев. – There are no trees there.
[tam nyet dee-ryév’-yef]

Notice that the subject after нет changes its form. It’s because in the negative sentences Russians use the Genitive case of the nouns. But don’t think about it too much now, we’ll cover this topic some later.

Now listen to the audio and practice all today’s words and phrases.


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    thank you

  2. blackcat says:

    thank you very much for these all russian lessons. I really love these all.. 🙂

    but i want to ask, for this lesson i can’t download this audio, it will go to error 404.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Sorry, the error is fixed now.
      Thanks for your comment.

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