Lesson 058

Russian verbs that take the Dative case


In the previous lesson we have learned the Russian verb нравиться which is used with the Dative case.

Today we will learn a few more Russian verbs that go along with the Dative case.

The verbs below are given in pairs: two verbs in a pair mean the same thing and in most cases look alike, but are used in different situations. The first verb in a pair is called imperfective, and the second one is perfective. Later, we will be covering when and why each verb in a pair is used. For now, just memorize them in these pairs:

дава́ть / датьto give

дари́ть / подари́тьto give a present

посыла́ть / посла́тьto send

расска́зывать / рассказа́тьto tell

говори́ть / сказа́тьto tell, to say

отвеча́ть / отве́титьto answer

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сове́товать / посове́товатьto advise

звони́ть / позвони́тьto call on the phone

писа́ть / написа́тьto write

объясня́ть / объясни́тьto explain

помога́ть / помо́чьto help

покупа́ть / купи́тьto buy

предлага́ть / предложи́тьto offer

пока́зывать / показа́тьto show

There are, of course, many more other Russian verbs that take the Dative case, here is a just a little part of them.

If you want to learn more about perfective and imperfective verbs, you can study this lesson.


Many examples below are in the Past tense. You can learn how to form the Past tense in this lesson.

(The words in the Dative case are highlighted):

Он показа́л нам доро́гу.
He showed us the way.

Она́ мне не отве́тила.
She did not reply to me.

Что тебе́ подари́ли на день рожде́ния?
What (what gift) have you been given for your birthday?

Мы помогли́ сосе́дке донести́ тяжёлые су́мки до до́ма.
We helped a neighbor bring heavy bags home.

Дай мне вон ту па́пку, пожа́луйста.
Give me that folder, please.

Он рассказа́л нам после́дние но́вости.
He told us the latest news.

Она́ написа́ла мне письмо́.
She wrote me a letter.

Ты позвони́ла роди́телям?
Did you call the parents?

Магази́н предлага́ет покупа́телям вы́годные це́ны.
The store offers customers favorable prices.

Practice the verbs and examples above with the audio track and come back for the next lesson where we continue learning Russian.

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