078 – The Accusative case (introduction)

Today we are starting a series of lessons dedicated to the Accusative case. First things first, let’s learn when the Accusative case is used.

The Russian Accusative case is used to designate:
– object of acting: (to see, to buy) whom? what?
– directions or circumstances: (to go to) where? when? how?
– reason: for what?

Russian use the Accusative with prepositions:

в – in
на – on, onto
за – behind
о/об – against
по – over, by, via
под – under
про – about
че́рез – through

For example:

Он ест чи́псы.
He is eating the chips. (object, what?)

Мы идём в теа́тр.
We are going to the theater. (direction, where?)

Положи́ докуме́нты на стол.
Put the documents on the table. (direction, where?)

Я люблю́ петь под гита́ру.
I like to sing with a guitar. (circumstances, how?)

Спаси́бо за по́мощь.
Thank you for your help. (reason, for what?)

Про него́ говоря́т, что он хоро́ший специали́ст.
He is said to be a good specialist.
(lit. – They say about him, that he is a good specialist)
(object, about whom?)

Practice all today’s examples with the audio track.

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