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Russian numbers from 0 to 100

We think it’s safe to say that nobody likes to learn numbers. But when you know them, so many things become easier: asking for a price, paying for the goods, making appointments and so on. So today, we dedicate the lesson to the Russian numbers.

Russian numbers from 0 to 10

Listen to the audio and repeat after it:

0 – ноль / нуль [nol’ / nul’]

1 – оди́н [a-déen]

2 – два [dva]

3 – три [ trée ]

4 – четы́ре [chee-tý-rye]

5 – пять [pyat’]

6 – шесть [shest’]

7 – семь [sem’]

8 – во́семь [vó-seem’]

9 – де́вять [dyé-veet’]

10 – де́сять [dyé-seet’]

Russian numbers from 11 to 19

After you learned the basics, making the next bunch of Russian numbers is mostly a matter of adding -надцать to the number you already know (although the base slightly changes in some cases, it’s better to simply memorize all of them):

11 – оди́ннадцать [a-dée-na-tsat’]

12 – двена́дцать [dvee-ná-tsat’]

13 – трина́дцать [tree-ná-tsat’]

14 – четы́рнадцать [chee-týr-na-tsat’]

15 – пятна́дцать [peet-ná-tsat’]

16 – шестна́дцать [shees-na-tsat’]

17 – семна́дцать [seem-ná-tsat’]

18 – восемна́дцать [va-seem-ná-tsat’]

19 – девятна́дцать [dee-veet-ná-tsat’]

Russian Pod 101

Tens in Russian

There is no strict logic behind how the tens are composed in the Russian language. So it is better to simply memorize them too.

Here they are:

20 – два́дцать [dvá-tsat’]

30 – три́дцать [trée-tsat’]

40 – со́рок [só-rak]

50 – пятьдеся́т [peet’-dee-syát]

60 – шестьдеся́т [sheest’-dee-syát]

70 – се́мьдесят [syém’-dee-syát]

80 – во́семьдесят [vó-seem’-dee-syát]

90 – девяно́сто [dee-vee-nós-ta]

100 – сто [sto]

Compound numbers

Making compound numbers in Russian is very easy: to compose a number with 2 digits just say two words one by one:

21 – два́дцать оди́н

32 – три́дцать два

44 – со́рок четы́ре

57 – пятьдеся́т семь

63 – шестьдеся́т три

78 – се́мьдесят во́семь

85 – во́семьдесят пять

99 – девяно́сто де́вять

Congratulations! Now you can count from 0 to 100 in Russian! Repeat the numbers a few times so you memorize them better.

Do you need help with declension of Russian numbers? We have created a tool just for that! Check it out now!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments. And come back to learn Russian with us!

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6 comments on “027 – Russian numbers from 0 to 100”

  1. becky says:

    What is 64

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hi Becky,

      64 is шестьдесят четыре in Russian

  2. Melinda Roth says:

    I didn’t see any pronunciation icons.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Melinda,

      Click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen and you will see the audio player.

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