Lesson 004

Russian alphabet: consonants (2d. part)


During the course of the previous lessons we have covered more than a half of the Russian alphabet: the vowels А, О, У, Э, Ы, Я, Ё, Ю, Е, И, and 13 consonants. Today we will learn another 8 of the Russian consonants.

For these consonants, unlike the ones from the previous lesson, it is not important whether they are voiced or voicless as it does not affect the pronunciation. So let’s just learn them as they are:

Й й [î] (also called “и краткая” which means i short; like ‘y’ in ‘boy’)

Л л [l] (like English ‘l’)

М м [m] (like English ‘m’)

Н н [n] (like English ‘n’)

Р р [r] (a rolled sound ‘r’, like in Spanish)

Ц ц [ts] (like ‘ts’ in “it’s”)

Ч ч [ch] (like ‘ch’ in ‘cherry’)

Щ щ [sch] (like sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ together)

Russian Pod 101

Congratulations, now you know all the Russian vowels and consonants! Let’s put your knowledge in practice immediately and learn a few more Russian words:

лес [lyes]forest

мир [meer]peace, world

ру́сский язы́к [róos-keeî ya-zýk]Russian language

рука́ [roo-ká]hand / arm

интерне́т [een-ter-nét]internet

Practice the Russian letters you have learned today and words of the today’s lesson with the audio recording.

Thank you for deciding to learn Russian with us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

In the next lesson we’ll learn the last two letters of the Russian alphabet.

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4 comments on “004 – Russian alphabet: consonants (2d. part)”

  1. Weronika says:

    I just want to let You know that you doing a great job here, keep up and Russian language is one of the most beautiful languages, right after polish;-)

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hi Weronika,

      Thanks for the comment, warms my heart. 🙂

      I actually wanted to learn Polish when I have more time, it’s so close to Russian must be like a piece of cake. 🙂


    how much time does it take to learn russian?

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Hishita,

      It depends on many different factors: time you dedicate to learning and practicing daily, your learning methods, your experience with learning languages overall, and most importantly – your motivation. This period is very different for everybody. But it is very doable.

      If you are interested, here there is an article about how hard it is to learn Russian and what you can expect if you start.

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