Lesson 028

Practice Russian Present Tense with questions


Practice makes perfect, so let’s dedicate this lesson to practicing and reinforcing the knowledge you have gained earlier: the Present tense of Russian verbs and asking questions in Russian.

To help you recall the conjugation rules of the Russian verbs, here is the Present tense memo-chart:

pronoun 1st. congugation
(not -ить + exceptions)
2d. congugation
(-ить + exceptions)
он / она / оно


Pay attention that all these verbs are not regular and change their stem in different tenses.

Жить – to live (1st. conjugation – exception)

Я живу́ в Росси́и.
I live in Russia.

Ты живёшь в Москве́.
You live in Moscow.

Он живёт в большо́м до́ме.
He lives in a big house.

Мы живём все вме́сте.
We live all together.

Где вы живёте?
Where do you live?

Они живу́т не здесь.
They live not here.

Russian Pod 101

Хоте́ть – to want (mixed conjugation)

Я хочу́ гуля́ть.
I want to go for a walk.

Ты хо́чешь есть?
Do you want to eat?

Он хо́чет пить.
He wants to drink.

Мы не хоти́м туда́ идти́.
We don’t want to go there.

Вы хоти́те ко́фе?
Do you want some coffee?

Они хотя́т в кино́.
They want (to go) to the cinema.

Люби́ть – to love, to like (2d. conjugation)

Я люблю́ чита́ть.
I like to read.

Ты лю́бишь моро́женое?
Do you like ice-cream?

Он лю́бит ры́бу.
He likes fish.

Мы лю́бим друг дру́га.
We love each other.

Вы лю́бите танцева́ть?
Do you like to dance?

Они́ не лю́бят зи́му.
They don’t like winter.

Practice the examples of this lesson with the audio recording (at the bottom of the screen under the blue button).

We hope you find our Russian lessons helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments, we are happy to help!

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2 comments on “028 – Practice Russian Present tense”

  1. Suporn says:

    For this sentence: Мы живём все вме́сте.

    Does the word ‘all’ spell ‘всё’? or все and всё are both correct?

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Suporn,

      Всё and все are different words.

      Всё is used to talk about unspecified or uncountable things and mainly means “everything”:
      – всё хорошо (everything is fine).

      Все is used to talk about things and people that you can count and means “all, all of them”:
      – они пришли все вместе (they came all together),
      – все его шутки не смешные (all his jokes are not funny).

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