103 – The Instrumental case (masculine singular nouns)

Let’s learn how to form the Instrumental case. As usual, we are starting from masculine singular nouns.

For masculine nouns ending in …
й -> replace with ем (or ём, if stressed)
ь -> replace with ем (or ём, if stressed)
… unstressed ж, ш, ч, щ, ц -> add ем
… any other case -> add ом

дом – до́мом
за́яц – за́йцем
нож – ножом́
край – кра́ем
конь – конём

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.

The Instrumental case memo chart (you can find all the declension rules in the Russian declension chart):

gender ending Instrumental examples
masculine й
unstres. ж, ш, ч, щ, ц
any other case
-й + ем/ём
-ь +ем/ём
край – кра́ем
конь – конём
за́яц – за́йцем
дом – до́мом
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