102 – The Instrumental case (introduction)

This lesson brings us back to the Russian grammar. Today we starting to get familiar with the Russian Instrumental case.

The instrumental case denotes the instrument or agent by which the action is performed. It answers the questions:

– by means of what/whom?
– with what/whom?

The Instrumental case can be used with or without any preposition. Somе prepositions are used only with the Instrumenal, for example:

ме́жду – between
пе́ред – in front of
над – above/over

Examples of the Instrumental:

(Nouns and pronouns in the Instrumental are highlighted)

Мы пое́дем авто́бусом.
We’ll go by bus.

Он откры́л дверь ключо́м.
He opened the door with a key.

Ме́жду на́ми два ме́тра.
There are two meters between us.

Над го́родом ту́чи.
There are clouds over the city.

Он останови́лся пе́ред две́рью.
He stopped in front of the door.

Я с удово́льствием помогу́ вам.
I’ll help you with pleasure.

Practice today’s examples with the audio track. In the next lesson we’ll cover the masculine singular nouns in the Instrumental.

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