Lesson 096

Future tense with perfective verbs


In the last lesson we’ve learned how to form the Future tense from imperfective verbs. Today we’ll have a look at the perfective verbs.

Conjugation rules

If the action is supposed to be finished by the moment you are talking about, or if it’s a one-time action, the Future tense is formed with a perfective verb.

The good news is that you actually already know how to form the Future tense with perfective verbs!

Do you remember the conjugation rules in the Present tense? Just use them with the perfective verbs and you’ll get the Future tense. There is no confusion in this, because, as you remember, the perfective verbs are never used in the Present.

Let’s see how it’s done. First, let’s remember how to conjugate imperfective verbs in the Present:

1st. conjugation 2d. conjugation
он / она / оно

Russian Pod 101


And now let’s practice:

сде́лать – to do

Я сде́лаю э́то за́втра.
I’ll do it tomorrow.

Ты сде́лаешь э́то для меня́?
Will you do it for me?

Он сде́лает всё, что ты его́ попро́сишь.
He will do everything you ask him.

Мы не сде́лаем вам ничего́ плохо́го.
We will not do to you any harm.

Вы сде́лаете, что я прошу́?
Will you do what I ask you?

Они сде́лают вам хоро́шее предложе́ние.
They will make you a good offer.

Practice today’s examples with the audio track and try to memorize the Russian words that are unfamiliar to you.

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