081 – The Accusative case of neuter singular nouns

Today we are learning the Accusative case of neuter singular nouns and we have a great news for you – Russian singular neuter nouns don’t change in the Accusative case!

Let’s take advantage of this and learn some more Russian neuter nouns and practice their use in the Accusative case.

The nouns in the Accusative are highlighted.

Ты слы́шишь э́хо?
Do you hear the echo?

Я хочу́ я́блоко, у тебя́ есть?
I want an apple, do you have one?

Я смотрю́ кино́.
I’m watching a movie.

Я люблю́ ле́то и со́лнце.
I like summer and sun.

Мы вошли́ в зда́ние.
We entered the building.

Он опозда́л на собра́ние.
He was late to the meeting.

Он споткну́лся о бревно́.
He stumbled over a log.

Practice today’s examples with the audio recording.


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