How to read transcriptions to the Russian words

Please note that there is no sinlge correct way to write transcriptions for Russian words. Whilst some people are using the currently accepted transliteration rules, others do it by ear.

Here we listed possible transcriptions for every Russian sound. And while in the lessons we try to follows one selected way, sometimes the trasncriptions can be written differently. So keep in mind possible variations, they are not so many to memorize.

А а – a
Б б – b
В в – v
Г г – g
Д д – d
Е е – ye, ie, ‘e
Ё ё – yo, io, ‘o
Ж ж – zh
З з – z
И и – ee
Й й – y, i
К к – k
Л л – l
М м – m
Н н – n
О о – o
П п – p
Р р – r
С с – s
Т т – t
У у – u
Ф ф – f
Х х – h
Ц ц – ts
Ч ч – ch
Ш ш – sh
Щ щ – sch
ъ – ” (after a consonant)
ы – ui, y
ь – ‘ (after a consonant)
Э э – e
Ю ю – yu, iu, ‘u
Я я – ya, ia, ‘a

-ый in the end of the word is often written as [y], for example:
– зелёный – [zeelyony]green

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