Learn Russian Online and for Free

Russian grammar and vocabulary course for beginners

  • 5-10 minutes audio lessons for every day
  • Important grammar points and essential vocabulary
  • Audio recorded by a native Russian speaker
  • Study in your own language (English, Spanish or French)

With our course you will learn

  • Russian alphabet

    Russian alphabet uses Cyrillic letters not familiar to the English speakers. To make it easier for you to learn the Russian alphabet, we broke it down into five consecutive lessons covering two groups of the Russian vowels, Russian consonants and two very special Russian letters that have no sound but affect the sound of the letters that surround them.

  • Russian pronunciation

    Unlike English, where the same letters can sound differently in different words, in Russian, the pronunciation is quite consistent. You only need to remember a few simple rules. Check out our lessons to learn the Russian pronunciation.

  • Russian grammar

    Our course covers the essential points of the Russian grammar. Step by step, you will get aquianted with the Russian nouns and pronouns, the grammatical cases, the Russian verbs and their conjugation, the Russian numbers, adverbs and adjectives, as well with many useful grammatical formulas to be able to construct your own sentences in Russian.

  • Basic Russian vocabulary

    Learning Russian grammar only will not make you speak Russian, for that you need to know enough Russian vocabulary. Our lessons will teach you the basic vocabulry for everyday situations: Russian greetings and farewells, calling for help, congratulating people, romantic Russian phrases, and so on.

How to learn Russian with us and on your own

Learning any language requires conscious effort and motivation. Our goal is to help you keep your motivation high providing you interesting lessons and free content for learning and practicing.

Our lessons are designed in such a way as to take no more than 5-10 minutes each, so you can learn something new every day and don't feel overwhelmed. Each lesson includes an audio track in slow spoken Russian recorded by a native Russian speaker.

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend you to start studying the lessons in the order they are published. As soon as you are able to read in Russian, you gradually need to include additional activities in your routine: learn 5-10 Russian words daily, use Russian flashcards to train your memory, try to read more in Russian, find a Russian pen pal for language exchange. Check out the links below to find more free resources for learning Russian online.

If you are already familiar with the Russian grammar and just want to refresh your knowledge on certain topics, use the navigation in the sidebar to find the topics you need.

When you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments, we are always happy to help!

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