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Particles “-то” and “же” in Russian

If you have been learning Russian for a while, you have surely came across the particles “-то” and “же“. Today we’ll look at them in more detail and explain on examples their role in the sentence.

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Diminutive-hypocoristic suffixes in Russian

Russian language has a very developed system of suffixes that allow us to express the whole range of emotions, starting from caress and tenderness and finishing with hatred and scorn. In this lesson we’ll cover a part of them that’s called diminutive-hypocoristic suffixes (уменьши́тельно-ласка́тельные су́ффиксы).

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Making friends in Russian

One of the perks of speaking a few languages is that now you can make even more friends! So let’s learn how to make friends in Russian…

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Russian interrogative pronoun какой

As you already know from one of the previous lessons, the pronoun какой means ‘what’ or ‘which’. To be able to construct questions with it, you should know how to decline it.

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