Russian demonstrative pronouns

057: Demonstrative pronouns in the Prepositional case

Today, let’s learn Russian demonstrative pronouns in the Prepositional case.

Here are the demonstrative pronouns (the first one in a pair is in the Nominative case, the second one is in the Prepositional):

э́тот – (об) э́том
э́та – (об) э́той
э́то – (об) э́том
э́ти – (об) э́тих

тот – (о) том
та – (о) той
то – (о) том
те – (о) тех

Now let’s practice use of these pronouns. Nouns and pronouns in the Prepositional are highlighted with their prepositions:

Он живёт в э́том до́ме.
He lives in this house.

Я ничего́ об э́том не зна́ю.
I know nothing about it. / I don’t know anything about it.

По́мнишь, как мы ра́ньше гуля́ли по э́той у́лице?
Do you remember how we used to stroll down this street?

Russian Pod 101

На э́тих выходны́х мы е́дем к роди́телям.
This weekend we are going to our parents.

На тех выходны́х мы бы́ли в кино́.
Last weekend we went to a cinema.

В том до́ме никто́ не живёт.
Nobody lives in that house.

Кни́га вон на той по́лке.
The book is on that shelf.

В том зда́нии нахо́дится больни́ца.
That building is the hospital.

Listen to the audio and practice all examples of today’s lesson.

010: Russian demonstrative pronouns

In this lesson, we will learn the Russian demonstrative pronouns.

A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to point to something specific. These pronouns can indicate items in space or time.

In Russian, the demonstrative pronouns depend on the gender and number of the subject. Here they are:


э́тот [é-tat]masculine
э́та [é-ta]feminine
э́то [é-ta]neuter
э́ти [é-tee]plural


тот [tot]masculine
та [ta]feminine
то [to]neuter
те [tye]plural

Russian Pod 101

Let’s look at some examples:

э́тот деньthis day (masculine)
[é-tat dyen’]

э́та кни́гаthis book (feminine)
[é-ta knée-ga]

э́то письмо́this letter (neuter)
[é-ta pees’-mó]

э́ти слова́these words (plural)
[é-tee sla-vá]

тот магази́нthat shop (masculine)
[tot ma-ga-zéen]

та су́мкаthat bag (feminine)
[ta súm-ka]

то у́троthat morning (neuter)
[to út-ra]

те дома́those houses (plural)
[tye da-má]

How to say “this is something/someone” in Russian

When you introduce a subject for the first time (i.e. when in English you would normally use This is a… or These are …), you need to use the neuter pronoun э́то regardless of the gender and number of the subject.

Э́то кни́га.
[é-ta knée-ga]
This (It) is a book.

Э́то пи́сьма.
[é-ta pées’-ma]
These are letters.

Practice the examples of this lesson with the audio recording.

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