Lesson 162

Russian numbers from 100 to 999

The audio for the lesson is available at the bottom of the screen under the blue button.

Some time ago we have learned Russian numbers from 1 to 10, from 11 to 20, and from 11 to 100. Today, we’ll learn how to count until 999 in Russian.

Hundreds in Russian

Listen to the audio (at the bottom of the screen) and repeat after it:

100 [sto] – сто

200 [dvyé-stee] – две́сти

300 [trée-sta] – три́ста

400 [chee-tý-ree-sta] – четы́реста

500 [pyát’-sót] – пятьсо́т

600 [sheest’-sót] – шестьсо́т

700 [seem’-sót] – семьсо́т

800 [va-seem’-sót] – восемьсо́т

900 [dee-veet’-sót] – девятьсо́т

Compound Russian numbers from 100 to 999

Making a compound number is easy: no matter how long a number is, it is formed by placing simple numbers in sequence:

125 [sto dvá-tsat’ pyat’] – сто два́дцать пять

307 [trée-sta syem’] – три́ста семь

410 [chee-tý-ree-sta dyé-syat’] – четы́реста де́сять

582 [pyat’-sot vó-seem’-dee-syat dva] – пятьсо́т во́семьдесят два

999 [dee-veet’-sót dee-vee-nó-sta dyé-vyat’] – девятьсо́т девяно́сто де́вять

Practice the numbers with the audio file to memorize them better. And come back for more Russian lessons for beginners!

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