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Russian nouns in plural - exceptions

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In the last lesson we’ve learned how to form the Russian plurals. Unfortunately not all the Russian nouns follow the rules we learned, there are quite a few exceptions and we’ll learn some of them today.

Russian Pod 101

мать – ма́тери
[mat’ – má-tee-ree]
(mother – mothers)

дочь – до́чери
[doch’ – dó-chee-ree]
(daughter – daughters)

сын – сыновья́
[syn – sy-nav’-yá]
(son – sons)

муж – мужья́
[muzh – muzh’-ya]
(husband – husbands)

челове́к – лю́ди
[chee-la-vyék – lyú-dee]
(man/person/human – people)

брат – бра́тья
[brat – brát’-ya]
(brother – brothers)

ребёнок – де́ти
[ree-byó-nak – dyé-tee]
(child – children)

друг – друзья́
[druk – druz’-ya]
(friend – friends)

учи́тель – учителя́
[u-cheé-teel’ – u-chee-tee-lyá]
(teacher – teachers)

а́дрес – адреса́
[ád-rees – ad-ree-sá]
(address – addresses)

стул – сту́лья
[stul – stúl’-ya]
(chair – chairs)

де́рево – дере́вья
[dyé-ree-va – dee-ryév’-ya]
(tree – trees)

день – дни
[dyen’ – dnee]
(day – days)

ве́чер – вечера́
[vyé-cheer – vee-chee-rá]
(evening – evenings)

дом – дома́
[dom – da-má]
(house – houses)

крем – крема́
[kryem – kree-má]
(creme – cremes)

глаз – глаза́
[glas – gla-zá]
(eye – eyes)

вре́мя – времена́
[vryé-mya – vree-mee-ná]
time – times

и́мя – имена́
[eé-mya – ee-mee-ná]
name – names

This is not the complete list of all possible exceptions. But don’t think about it too much now, you will remember all of them as you learn Russian day by day, step by step.

Now, practice all these words with the audio track.

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