Russian grammar

Welcome to our free online Russian grammar and vocabulary cours for beginners.

Below is the list of lessons dedicated to the Russian grammar that cover the most important Russian grammar rules and points: Russian cases, Russian verb conjugation, special speech constructions and so on.

The lessons in the list are grouped by topics and topics are sorted in the alphabet order. The number indicated the number of the lesson in the course. You can study the lessons in the order we created them, or focus on things that interest you in any order.

Every lesson comes with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Accusative case

Dative case

Declension of Russian adjectives

Genitive case

Instrumental case

Nominative case

Particles in Russian

Prepositional case

Questions in Russian

Russian adjectives

Russian adverbs

Russian cases

Russian conjunctions

Russian demonstrative pronouns

Russian grammar constructions

Russian nouns

Russian numbers

Russian personal pronouns

Russian possessive pronouns

Russian prepositions

Russian pronouns

Russian suffixes

Russian verbs

Russian verbs of motion

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