Lesson 066

Questions: куда? откуда? чей? какой? который?


Today we are learning to ask questions “where from?”, “where to?”, “whose?”, and “which?” in Russian.

Куда́? – Where to?

Куда́ вы идёте? – Мы идём на рабо́ту.
Where are you going to? – We are going to work.

Куда́ идёт э́тот авто́бус? – Он идёт в го́род.
Where does this bus go? – It goes to the city.

Отку́да? – Where from?

Отку́да ты? – Я из Италии.
Where are you from? – I’m from Italy.

Отку́да вы идёте? – Мы идём из па́рка.
Where are you going from? – We’re coming from the park.

Чей? – Whose?

This word change depending on the gender and number of the subject and implies the use of the Genitive case.

Чей э́то стол? Э́то мой стол.
– Whose table is it? It is my table. (masculine)

Чья э́то су́мка? Э́то су́мка мое́й подру́ги.
– Whose bag is it? It is my friend’s bag. (feminine)

Чьё э́то ме́сто? Э́то ме́сто на́шего дире́ктора.
– Whose place is it? It is our director’s place. (neuter)

Чьи э́то ве́щи? Э́то ве́щи на́ших госте́й.
– Whose things is it? It is our guest’s things. (plural)

Learn more about the interrogative pronoun чей here.

Russian Pod 101

Како́й? – What? Which?

The interrogative Russian pronoun како́й is often used to ask about properties or quality of something. Other times it is used to distinguish between similar objects. It also changes in gender and number.

– Како́й у тебя́ разме́р о́буви?
– What is your size of the shoes? (masculine)

– Кака́я из э́тих су́мок твоя́? – Вот э́та, кра́сная.
– Out of these bags, which one is yours? – This red one. (feminine)

– Како́е ме́сто они́ за́няли на соревнова́нии? – Пя́тое.
– What place did they take in the competition? – The fifth. (neuter)

– Каки́е кни́ги ты лю́бишь?
– What books do you like? (plural)

Кото́рый? – Which one?

This interrogative pronoun also changes in gender and number:

– кото́рыйmasculine
– кото́раяfeminine
– кото́роеneuter
– кото́рыеplural

Sometimes you can replace како́й with кото́рый and vice versa. For example:

– Кака́я из э́тих су́мок твоя́?
– Кото́рая из э́тих су́мок твоя́?

Out of these bags, which one is yours?

Practice all examples of today’s lesson with the audio track.

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  1. Sanat says:

    Hi.how are you,I am really wanna learn russian language because I enjoy speaking in this language.Also most of my friends can talk.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Sanat,

      Our site is designed for self-learning. All lessons and audios are available for free. We recommend you to start from the lesson 001 and go one by one. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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