037 – Prepositions used with the Genitive case

When you have doubts about what Russian case you are dealing with at some moment, the prepositions often can help. There are some prepositions which are used only with the Genitive case in Russian. Today let’s learn them and practice their use.

Nouns and pronouns in the Genitive are highlighted with their prepositions.

у – next, by

У окна́ стои́т стол.
There is a table by the window.

Мне пора́, у меня́ есть дела́.
I have to go, I have some things to do.

для – for

Для меня́ это сли́шком тру́дно.
This is too difficult for me.

Тут для тебя́ письмо́.
Here is a letter for you.

из – of, from

Он из друго́го го́рода.
He is from another city.

Э́ти боти́нки сде́ланы из ко́жи.
These shoes are made ​​of leather.

без – without

Без тебя́ так пло́хо.
It’s so bad without you.

до – until, up to, to
от – from

От до́ма до шко́лы пять мину́т пешко́м.
From home to school is five minutes walking.

Memorize the Russian prepositions we’ve learned to day and practice all today’s examples with the audio recording.

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    please speak slowly.

  2. John says:

    стои́т…May I know these word meaning? Thank you

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