Lesson 059

Prepositions used with the Dative case

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In this lesson we’ll have a look at the prepositions that are used with the Dative case and can help you to recognize it in sentences.

Nouns and pronouns in the Dative and Genitive are highlighted.

к – to, towards

Мы идём в го́сти к мое́й ба́бушке.
We are going to visit my grandmother.

Я хочу́ к тебе́.
I want to be with you / to see you.

по – over

Мы идём по у́лице.
We are going down the street.

подо́бно – like, similar

Промедле́ние сме́рти подо́бно.
Delay is similar to death.

согла́сно – accordingly

Всё сде́лано согла́сно прика́зу.
Everything is done according to the order.

благодаря́ – thanks to

Мы купи́ли э́ту кварти́ру благодаря́ по́мощи родны́х.
We have bought this apartment thanks to the help of the relatives.

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вопреки́ – despite, contrary to

Но́вая поли́тика конфиденциа́льности Google вступи́ла в си́лу вопреки́ мне́нию Евросою́за.
The new Google privacy policy came into force contrary to the opinion of European Union.

Keep in mind that very often the Dative case in Russian is used without any preposition.

Practice all these examples with the audio track.

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