Lesson 130

Practice Russian adjectives in different cases


In this lesson we’ll be practicing to use Russian adjectives in different cases. Read the examples and try to understand what case is it and why the endings of the words look this way.

We’ll give you the correct answers in the end of the lesson. Let’s begin:

1. Э́то о́чень интере́сная кни́га.
This is a very interesting book.

2. Ты ви́дел мою́ но́вую маши́ну?
Have you seen my new car?

3. Она́ хо́дит в кра́сном пальто́.
She wears a red coat.

4. Здесь нельзя́ писа́ть кра́сной ру́чкой, то́лько чёрной или си́ней.
You can not write with a red pen here, only black or blue.

5. Он помога́ет бе́дным лю́дям.
He helps poor people.

6. У нас нет горя́чей воды́.
We have no hot water.

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7. Он хо́чет ви́деть нас счастли́выми.
He wants to see us happy.

8. Он никогда́ не был послушным ребенком.
He never was an obedient child.

9. У нас нет таки́х больши́х де́нег.
We don’t have so much money.

10. Передава́й приве́т свое́й мла́дшей сестре́.
Send my regards to your younger sister.


1. Nominative, feminine.
2. Accusative, feminine.
3. Prepositional, neuter.
4. Instrumental, feminine.
5. Dative, plural.
6. Genitive, feminine.
7. Instrumental, plural (see the previous lesson for more details).
8. Instrumental, masculine.
9. Genitive, plural.
10. Dative, feminine.

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.

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4 comments on “130 – Practice Russian adjectives in different cases”

  1. Giacomo says:

    Hi, I’m Italian. Your method is very interesting and understandable. Thank you.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello Giacomo,

      Thanks for dropping by and your feedback. Good luck with Russian!

  2. hamidreza shafie says:

    EVERYDAY RUSSIAN thanks alot.this is more than one year which im following your lessons.every lesson which is passing i undrestand russian language better and speak clear

    1. Everyday Russian says:

      Hello hamidreza shafie,

      You are welcome! We are happy to know that our work help people.
      Thank you for your comment and for being our regular reader.
      Good luck! 🙂

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