Lesson 090

Practice: the Genitive, the Dative and the Accusative


It’s time to refresh your memories and practice what we’ve learned earlier: the Genitive, the Dative and the Accusative cases.

Read the text and try to explain to yourself the use of each case. The nouns and pronouns in Genitive, Dative, and Accusative are highlighted:

Я о́чень люблю́ моро́женое. Покупа́ть моро́женое я хожу́ в магази́н. Э́то магази́н моего́ знако́мого, мой знако́мый – хозя́ин э́того магази́на. Он всегда́ де́лает мне ски́дку и даёт мне са́мое вку́сное моро́женое.

Russian Pod 101


I love ice-cream very much. To buy ice-cream I go to a shop. This is the shop of my friend, my friend is the owner of this shop. He always makes a discount for me and gives me the most delicious ice-cream.

Listen to the text of today’s lesson as many times as you need until all the words sound familiar and natural.

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