069 – Perfective and imperfective verbs – Practice

In the previous lessons we’ve learned about the verb aspects in Russian and got to know what are perfective and imperfective Russian verbs. Let’s look at some more examples these verbs today.

Чита́ть (imperfective) / прочита́ть (perfective) – to read

Ты чита́ла э́ту кни́гу?
Did you read this book? (have you ever read it?)

Ты прочита́ла э́ту кни́гу?
Have you read this book? (you were supposed to)

Я чита́ла, когда́ зазвони́л телефо́н.
I was reading when the telephone rang. (I was reading – unfinished action)

Я чита́ла э́ту кни́гу два ме́сяца.
I read this book two months. (a lenght of time)

Покупа́ть (imperfective) / купи́ть (perfective) – to buy

Мне на́до купи́ть аспири́н.
I need to buy aspirin. (I need to buy it once)

Он ка́ждый день покупа́ет све́жие газе́ты.
He buys latest newspapers every day. (repetition)

Ты когда́-нибу́дь покупа́л э́тот йо́гурт?
Have you ever bought this yogurt? (just a fact, you was not supposed to buy it ever)

Ты купи́л йо́гурт?
Have you bought the yogurt? (you were supposed to)

Понима́ть (imperfective) / поня́ть (perfective) – to understand

Никогда́ ничего́ не понима́ла в маши́нах.
I never understand anything about cars. (probably it wasn’t necessary for me)

Я тебя́ не по́нял.
I didn’t understand you. (I heard you, but didn’t understand what you said)

Ты меня́ понима́ешь?
Do you understand me? (right now)

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