076 – Russian love phrases

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Does you girlfriend or boyfriend speak Russian? Or maybe you just want to surprise her or him expressing your love in an exotic language? Follow this lesson and learn the most popular Russian love phrases: how to say I love you in Russian, how to propose, how to invite to a date, and other Russian love phrases!

I love you in Russian

Here is how you say “I love you” in Russian:

Я тебя́ люблю́.
[ya tee-byá lyub-lyú]

Because in Russian, unlike English, you can change the order of words without changing the meaning, you can also say Я люблю́ тебя́ [ya lyub-lyú tee-byá]. Both versions are correct and mean the same thing: I love you.

If you want to make an accent on any of the words, for example “I LOVE you” or “I love YOU”, you can do it with intonation.

How to propose in Russian

When you want to propose to somebody, you can say:

Дава́й поже́нимся.
Let’s get married.
[da-váî pa-zhé-neem-sya]

In Russian, men же́нятся (infinitive – жени́ться) and women выхо́дят за́муж (выходи́ть за́муж). So men say:

Выходи́ за меня́!
[vy-ha-dée za mee-nyá]
Marry me!


Ты вы́йдешь за меня́ за́муж?
[ty výî-dyesh za mee-nyá]
Will you marry me?

While women say:

Ты же́нишься на мне?
[ty zhé-neesh-sya na mnye]
Will you marry me?

Note that the phrase “дава́й поже́нимся” mentioned earlier works for both men and women.

How to invite to a date

Russian Pod 101

If it’s too early to talk about marriage, and you just want to let a girl know that you like her or invite her to a date, you might need the following phrases:

Ты мне нра́вишься.
[ty mnye nrá-veesh-sya]
I like you.

Learn more about Russian verb нравиться here and here.

Дава́й встреча́ться.
[da-váy fstree-chá-tsa]
Let’s see each other?

Я приглаша́ю тебя́ на свида́ние.
[ya preeg-la-shá-yu tee-byá na svee-dá-nee-ye]
I invite you to a date.

Ты свобо́дна сего́дня ве́чером?
[ty sva-bód-na see-vód-nya vyé-chee-ram]
Are you free tonight? (to a woman)

Дава́й поу́жинаем вме́сте?
[da-váy pa-ú-zhee-na-eem vmyés-tee]
Let’s have a dinner together?

Бу́дешь мое́й де́вушкой?
[ty bú-dyesh ma-yéî dyé-vush-kaî]
Will you be my girlfriend?

Бу́дешь мои́м па́рнем?
[ty bú-deesh ma-eém pár-neem]
Will you be my boyfriend?

Я могу́ тебе́ позвони́ть?
[ya ma-gú tee-byé paz-va-néet’]
May I call you?

Practice all the Russian love phrases we’ve learned today with the audio track.

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