Lesson 136

Ask 'what size, color, length and so on is something?'

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Today’s lesson we dedicate to asking questions in Russian. Let’s learn how to ask ‘what size, color, length, height and so on is something or someone’.

You already know how to ask ‘What color is something?’ in Russian. Let us remind you that to ask that kind of questions Russians start the phrase the the interrogative pronoun какой in the Genitive case – “какого?”. The noun that goes after какого is in the Genitive as well.

Како́го цве́та твоя́ маши́на?
What color is your car?

Како́го ро́ста твой оте́ц?
How tall is your father? (What height is your father?)

With feminine, neuter and plural nouns the pronoun какого changes accordingly*:

masculine: како́й -> како́го
feminine: кака́я -> како́й
neuter: како́е -> како́го
plural: каки́е -> каки́х

* See the lesson 126 – Declension of adjectives: adjectives in -гий, -кий, -хий, -гой, -кой, -хой for more information.

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Како́й высоты́ э́то де́рево?
What is the height of this tree?
высота́ (height) is feminine

Како́й ширины́ э́та река́?
What is the width of this river?
ширина́ (width) is feminine

Како́й глубины́ о́зеро Байка́л?
What is the depth of the Lake Baikal?
глубина́ (depth) is feminine

Како́го э́то разме́ра?
What size is it?
разме́р (size) is masculine

Каки́х разме́ров бу́дет де́тская в но́вой кварти́ре?
What size will the new children’s room in the new apartment?
разме́ры (sizes) is plural

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