045 – Russian numbers from 11 to 20


In one of the previous lessons we’ve learned Russian numbers from 1 to 10. Today we are learning to count from 11 to 20 in Russian.

Listen to the audio and repeat after it:

11 – оди́ннадцать [a-dée-na-tsat’]

12 – двена́дцать [dvee-ná-tsat’]

13 – трина́дцать [tree-ná-tsat’]

14 – четы́рнадцать [chee-týr-na-tsat’]

15 – пятна́дцать [peet-ná-tsat’]

16 – шестна́дцать [shees-na-tsat’]

17 – семна́дцать [seem-ná-tsat’]

18 – восемна́дцать [va-seem-ná-tsat’]

19 – девятна́дцать [dee-veet-ná-tsat’]

20 – два́дцать [dvá-tsat’]

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2 comments on “045 – Russian numbers from 11 to 20”

  1. Claudio Rosa says:

    Thanks a lot for the lessons. Russian culture is splendid and very much admired by many people in Brazil. Unfortunately we have little opportunities to learn the language and spread your ‘way of life’ to others. You seem to have remedied this situation quite a bit. Thanks again.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Thanks for your comment Claudio.
      Good luck!

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