Lesson 060

Introduction to Russian adjectives

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You’ve already learned the basics about Russian nouns, pronouns, verbs, numerals and prepositions. Today we start a new chapter of the Russian grammar and move on to the Russian adjectives.

There are a few types of adjectives in the Russian language, in this lesson we’ll learn just one of them – the normal type.

Here is the list of some common Russian adjectives (some of them you already saw in our examples):

краси́вый [kra-sée-vyî]beautiful

хоро́ший [ha-ró-sheeî]good

плохо́й [pla-hóî]bad

у́мный [úm-nyî]smart

глу́пый [glú-pyî]stupid

высо́кий [vy-só-keeî]high

ни́зкий [néez-keeî]low

чёрный [chyór-nyî]black

бе́лый [byé-lyî]white

си́ний [sée-neeî]blue

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The default adjective gender is masculine. To use them with feminine and neuter nouns you’ll need to change their endings. Here are the typical endings by gender:

masculine endings: ый, ий
feminine endings: ая, яя
neuter endings: ое, ее

To change the gender of an adjective, replace:

ый, ий with ая / ое, but
ший with шая / шее
ний with няя / нeе


краси́вый дом – beautiful house
краси́вая де́вушка – beautiful girl
краси́вое де́рево – beautiful tree

хоро́ший сове́т – good advise
хоро́шая пого́да – good weather
хоро́шее настрое́ние – good mood

си́ний зонт – blue umbrella
си́няя ю́бка – blue skirt
си́нее пла́тье – blue dress

Russian Pod 101

As you might have noticed from these examples, the Russians usually put the adjectives before the subject. But in some cases the adjective can go after the subject. It’s often used in poetry or to give a sentence some emotional tint.

To finish with this lesson, memorize the common Russian adjectives, the endings of the adjectives in different genders, and practice the examples with the audio track.

In the future we will learn how to change the Russian adjectives in different cases.

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